About Ultimate Web Design


Hi, I’m Ben Hunt. I’ve been a professional web designer for twenty years, written a bunch of books, and sold a bunch of courses — all focused on making websites work better.

Ultimate Web Design started life as a bold project: to try to reverse-engineer the entire process of online marketing consulting.

I wanted to know if there was a way to share what the best marketing consultants actually do, so I started to observe what I did when analysing my clients’ campaigns and websites, and then gradually built a model that might help other people to do what I do — and hopefully get the same results.

The result was a model called The Circuit, which we use as part of a process. I published it as a course in late 2014, which is made up of the method plus some real-life client case studies. I invited a few people to help me test it out.

The results were amazing. In fact, I don’t do anything in marketing now without using the Circuit model.

In fact, it works so well, my team and I got talking and said, “You know, everyone should have access to this!” It honestly felt wrong only to offer it people who could afford the $99/month fee.

So we’ve made it open-source, through a fledgling new project called “Open Source Marketing“.