Demo of ClickFunnels

(26 minutes)

PWDA member Brian McFarlane demonstrates how he uses ClickFunnels, a platform that helps you rapidly…

  • Deploy appealing and effective landing pages, squeeze pages, or extended marketing funnels.
  • Integrate with most standard email management platforms.
  • Publish to WordPress sites, or standalone.
  • And even set up advanced funnels (premium level).

Try ClickFunnels for yourself (Brian’s affiliate link)

Does having tools like ClickFunnels make traditional web production skills redundant?

No, not at all! As I explain in “Web Design is Dead”, we still need professional web designers, producers and developers who understand HTML, CSS etc. However, they should be more concerned with building reusable (and re-sellable) products, like themes, plugins and online tools, not hand-crafting bespoke websites.

Client-facing web professionals should use these production skills less and less, preferring to use platforms and bought design components, which make far more sense economically, because they can benefit from hundreds or thousands of hours of design, development and testing.

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