Testimonials First

1. Strategy

1.1 Circuit Interview

9 October, 2014

Recording of a PWDA Pro Group hangout, where the group discusses the Circuit for a new product we’re planning to launch.

MP3 (1 hour 45 minutes | Download: 48MB)

1.2 Circuit Review

Here’s a brief analysis of the “Testimonials First” Circuit (as explored in the recording above).

Who / Brand

  • We agreed that “Testimonials First” comes from the “Ultimate Web Design” stable.
  • Brand is “Web Design the Right Way”, which is synonymous with “Ultimate Web Design”. (That is a phrase we could think about owning.)
  • We believe in what works.
  • We’re against “cowboy web design”.
  • WHY = making the world a better place, by providing SMBs with the best marketing guidance in an affordable way.

Result: Yes, we’re happy that we know who is offering the product, what we’re about, and why someone would choose to believe in us. Green light!

Product / Service

  • The deliverable is the Testimonials First course, which is a bundle comprising a “Manual” (not “eBook”) together with some recorded video case studies of real-life projects. The Manual tells you what you need to do – the case studies show you how to do it in reality.
  • All early-bird buyers go into a draw to win the TF service done for you (for your own business or for one of your clients).
  • Origin story:
    • It started when Jordan and Sarah were collaborating on a couple of websites, and realised they didn’t have any decent testimonials, so decided to go direct to the customers.
    • Jordan said, “We were doing customer interviews for a few clients. Then, later, when we were trying to come up with a value proposition for the client, we revisited the recordings of the interviews, and had an epiphany. We were getting customer motivation, and better insight into what the client’s value proposition might be than even the client had.”
    • Sarah adds, “It was so much easier than trying to come up with the information ourselves, or trying to go with what the client told us, especially when we realised we could use testimonial content as great headlines. We started thinking that, if we could make the same thing happen again and again, it would make our lives so much easier!”
    • They then mentioned the process in one of our group meetings and told the team how well it seemed to work. So we developed it into a process that we could follow to get the same great results again and again.
  • Pricing: Thinking around $297, but reduced for early-bird launch.
  • (Sarah and Jordan are also planning a “done for you” TF service.)

Result: We’re starting with a single product that is well defined. The launch will have a service element as a prize. There is room to “stack” offerings (e.g. Manual-only, Course, Group coaching program, Done-for-you). We know what we’re selling… Green light!


  • The proposition is unique, and radically different, with no direct competition (other than the status quo).
  • This is a method that sets you apart from every other web designer or copywriter, increasing your market value and your rates (Jordan’s words).
  • Here’s a process for getting great content and great websites more easily, every time.
  • Makes your clients happy and excited to hear true, uninhibited customer feedback (Sarah).
  • It’s a trick or shortcut to getting believable and powerful content.
  • (We need to communicate how buyers can use this and profit from it.)
  • Pricing ($99-$299) should be affordable for the target market.
  • Up to 75% of the content creation is done for you.
  • Can provide content ideas for years to come.
  • Get clients who love working with you, and a stronger portfolio.
  • Be more relaxed, confident, and in control over your work.
  • Stop waiting on your clients for website content. Complete projects earlier with less stress and get paid faster. (Clients often don’t really want to write website content either, so it’s rarely their priority.)
  • Value for money: Modest investment should repay itself many times over on your next web design project – and on every project after that!
  • One weakness is that there exists no independent proof we can show that it works, because it’s so new.
    • So we always look to flip weaknesses into strengths! The flip-side of that is, also because it’s so new, you will be among the first few people in the world who’s using this. And, when you speak to prospects, you’ll be able to offer them something that no one else is offering.
  • We have some great testimonials from Ken McCarthy, Perry Marshall, Daniel Levis.
  • The only evidence we have is anecdotal, from Sarah & Jordan.

Green light!


  • No matter how skilled you are, without the right raw material, you can’t create a highly successful client website, based on highly emotive content.
  • That holds back your portfolio, your client testimonials, and ultimately your rates.
  • Creating content from scratch is laborious, time-consuming, and painful.
  • Asking the client for website content can also be problematic, because clients can tend to use “sector-speak” vocabulary.
  • You’re often guessing at objections. The client may not even know why people don’t buy.
  • It’s hard for the client to get true customer feedback, because their customers may not be totally forthcoming.
  • Website owners and designers/copywriters/PPC or CRO consultants don’t know the words that their real customers use, particularly how they emotionally describe their needs etc.
  • Getting copy for your websites can be a bottleneck, slowing down your projects and messing with your cashflow (?)
  • We’re more presenting an attractive opportunity than addressing a conscious problem.
  • No real urgency or scarcity, because this is a Step Zero problem!
    • We could go for the problem: “How many more years do you think you’ll be able to stay in business, facing more competition every month, turning out the kind of websites you are now?” On-going pain… keep having to sell to new clients all the time, facing squeezed margins…
    • Having a launch window for the original launch should generate some urgency (although not for the rolling sale afterwards).

Green light!


  • Our core target market is the web marketing professional: web designers, copywriters.
    • Who appreciate the importance of content! (i.e. Racking the Shotgun)
  • Secondary markets might include…
    • Business coaches who advise small businesses on marketing.
    • AdWords/Pay-per-click and Conversion Rate Optimisation professionals.
    • Additionally, people with the right manner and aptitude could do this, without necessarily having relevant marketing/design training.
  • Awareness step is Zero or One. Prospect may have nagging doubts about their profitability or lack of growth… maybe a nagging concern that you can’t really put into words.
  • Scale of shift of thinking is fairly modest and straightforward…
    • “Are you still making these mistakes in your website copy?” (We have to give them a problem > Step One).
    • Then we should highlight the impact of the problem (unsatisfying projects, poor testimonials and referrals).
    • You could carry on that way, where will that get you eventually? > Step Two.
    • Did you know there is great, powerful, compelling content that’s out there for the taking? We’ve figured out a way to do that (> Step Three), and here are the ways you’ll benefit (> Step Four).
  • Size of market is large.
  • We only need a few conversions to succeed (i.e. to make it worth our while to run the launch). We would like to make at least $10,000 in launch sales.
  • Congregation? Facebook groups, forums on web design and/or copywriting. (Lots of potential affiliates.)
  • Objections?
    • I’m doing okay right now, getting this from my clients.
    • Will I need to hook up with a copywriter in order to do this? (i.e. “Can I do this” meta-objection.)
    • How much time is this going to take? (A: Probably just a little more time than you’re spending now.)
    • How much will recording equipment and transcription cost me? (A: Lots of recording options: iPhone app, Pamela for Skype, QuickTime player, or digital recorders; and then you can get transcription done for $1/minute. So the costs are very affordable, and will easily be accommodated by the higher fees you can charge.)
  • What’s their WHY?
    • Do good work.
    • Earn a good living (maybe support family).
    • All with minimum grief.
    • Don’t want to spend too much time doing sales. Would prefer doing good work for fewer clients who stick around longer.

Green light!


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